The New Formula for High-Ticket Leads & Sales

I have a formula that is going to revolutionize the way you get high ticket leads & sales:

YouTube Ad + Webinar = SOLID GOLD

It’s that simple. Why? Because when you reach potential clients with a video advertisement, they’re in what I call, “The Learner’s Mindset.”

This is the single, most powerful mindset a potential buyer can be in, especially for those of you selling High Ticket Services, Coaching, Consulting, or even Courses.

Picture this…

Your ideal customer searches on YouTube “How to _____”

They WANT a solution RIGHT NOW.

They’re actively looking to learn how to solve their problem.

That’s why I call this state “The Learner’s Mindset.”

If you reach someone in The Learner’s Mindset, you not only have the power to convert them into the next step they need to take with you…

… You also imprint yourself in their mind as THE EXPERT..

And when you follow my “Hook → Educate → Call to Action” video outline, you can reel them into your funnel.

Hook, Line & Sinker.

Add a Webinar to the mix, and you’re sitting on a pile of gold.

Think about it…

What is a Webinar but a longer format video?

And what was your prospect just doing?

Looking for a video solution to their problem on YouTube…

Now is the time to position yourself to show prospects that you, the expert, have the solution.

I get it… Facebook ads are great. I’ve had my fair share of success with them & I know many business owners have built tremendous businesses off of them.

BUT, there’s a big difference between someone scrolling through a newsfeed…

…And someone Actively Searching for a Video Solution to their Problem on YouTube.

Maybe you’re thinking about how to use YouTube Ads in 2021…watch my video explaining my prediction about how YouTube Ads will serve online marketers this year!

Reaching someone in “The Learners Mindset” is EXACTLY what has helped my clients & myself see tremendous success off of their Webinars like never before.

Here’s the formula again:

YouTube Ad + Webinar = SOLID GOLD

You’ve got the formula…Now let’s put it to use.

Talk soon.

— Aleric

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YouTube Advertising Expert & the Founder of AdOutreach, the leading company helping businesses leverage YouTube Ads for Leads & Sales.

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Aleric Heck

Aleric Heck

YouTube Advertising Expert & the Founder of AdOutreach, the leading company helping businesses leverage YouTube Ads for Leads & Sales.

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