3 Billion on Facebook vs. 1 Thousand on YouTube

A few days ago I got into a heated debate with a Facebook ads coach.

He told me that scaling with Facebook is more effective than scaling with YouTube ads.

My line of thinking was: “Listen, I’ve got the numbers in front of me… And I can see plain as day that scaling on Youtube can give you a higher ROI, faster.”

But he said: “You can advertise to MORE people on Facebook… And because it has more people on the platform… it has a higher ceiling.”

He’s got a point.

After all, there are around 3 billion people on Facebook right now — YouTube doesn’t have that.

So sure, you can call that one of the “pros” of using Facebook over YouTube.

But I think it’s a con.

Because I don’t know about you… but I’m not trying to market myself to 3 billion people.

I’m trying to market myself to a thousand people who are a perfect fit for what I offer.

Besides, everybody knows the number of “cons” of using Facebook is as long as Zuck’s all-controlling arm.

- Ads that were humming along suddenly get removed…

- Successful accounts get closed down without warning…

- Costs keep climbing no matter how much you tweak and test.

Whereas YouTube offers more precise control over who you speak to and how you speak to them.

That’s why we’re getting great ROAS as a result.

Because when it comes to issues of scale…

The more directly that you can target your specific niche/market…

…and the more stable you can be as you scale…

The better you’re going to do.

— Aleric

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