3 Reasons Why YouTube Is A Key Ad Platform

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For any entrepreneur that’s trying to grow our scale their business, inevitably they rely on the one machine that produces more leads, applications & sales than any other:


Whether it’s a billion-dollar company like Apple or a small business, companies around the world depend on advertising to flood new customers into their stores or online marketplaces. In the world of marketing, there’s one company that’s grown to become synonymous with advertising: Facebook.

Since 2012, Facebook has long been considered the “gold standard” in advertising. Every year, millions of accounts spend billions of dollars in ads to drive new customers and more revenue into their stores.

However, as time went on… the popularity of the platform grew, so did the competition. As more people began to compete for the same eyeballs, rates of return began to plummet. In addition, a myriad of lawsuits forced Facebook to change many of its policies, hurting results even further.

(And that’s not even including the random account bans!)

That, my friend, is what I call the Red Ocean. Facebook used to be the Blue Ocean of low ad costs & unstoppable growth potential for online businesses. Right now, it’s blood seeping red filled with bottlenecks that will stop consistent leads & sales right in its tracks.

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