A Business Prediction for 2021

I saw you.

I was looking into my crystal ball last night.

And I saw a lot of interesting things.

First, recession.

I’m no economist.

I just run YouTube ads.

But I do know that in a recession, there’s no time & money to waste on ads that don’t work. Positive ROAS is more important than ever to surround your business with that Cash FLUSH safety net.

Second, I saw a flood of advertisers flocking from Facebook to YouTube.

Facebook — What was once a blue ocean started to get a little pink.

Even a little red, especially with the FB Ad Account shutdowns & the over-saturation of the platform.

With the incredible ROAS my team & our clients’ are seeing using YouTube Ads — that’s great news.

Because before all that…

Before the recession, before the massive exodus to YouTube…

I saw you.

2021 will be a whole different year for you.

No more relentlessly Troubleshooting FB ads.

No more trying to scale… then getting shut down.

And no more relying on just ONE lead source for your entire business (seriously, how does that make ANY sense?)

That’s because 2021 is the year you got serious about YouTube.

Which is kind of like attaching a jetpack to your business.

You didn’t waste time on courses.

You didn’t spend 6 months wrestling with an agency to try to get results you could’ve gotten yourself.

Instead, you got yourself a coach who took a hands-on approach, wrote some winning ads, and

helped you optimize and scale BEFORE all the bad stuff happened.

So while everyone else is tearing their hair out and gnashing their teeth, you are cool, calm and collected.

Business is booming.

ROAS is great.

Life couldn’t be better.

What do you think?

Is my prediction going to come true?

Nothing is going to bring about permanent, positive growth faster than doing something you’ve never done.

If you’ve been looking for the “right time” to get serious about YouTube ads, consider this a sign.

My team and I can help.

Grab some time on our calendar here if you would like to talk with us about using YouTube ads to win in 2021.


— Aleric

P.S. People constantly ask me… Does YouTube also shut down ad accounts at the same frequency as Facebook?

I’ll explain what I’ve seen with ad account shutdowns between YouTube and Facebook — make sure to watch my video to hear all about it.

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