Advice from one of the most successful advertisers on marketing…

You may or may not have heard of Robert Collier.

But he’s responsible for a lot of the advertising strategies and techniques we use today.

He’s the famous direct advertiser who said when trying to sell:

“Enter the conversation already occurring in the prospect’s mind.”

Because that’s where your prospect lives.

In his own head.

And if you can enter the conversation he’s having with himself…

You’re instantly welcome.

You’re not an interruption.

All you’re doing is joining in with him where he’s already at in his mind.

Because where he’s at when he sees your ad is mindlessly scrolling his newsfeed.

He’s not really thinking about anything.

In fact, he’s probably using Facebook to ESCAPE thinking about his problems.

Which means the conversation he’s having in his head is NOT about his biggest problems at all.

Far from it.

But YouTube…

Your prospect isn’t just thinking about his biggest problems.

He’s actively searching for answers when he comes across your ad.

There are a lot of reasons why…

But suffice to say that you can’t advertise on YT the way you do on FB and expect it to connect.

Do it right though?

And YouTube ads will deliver a MUCH higher ROAS than every other ad platform.

Because you’ll become welcome in your prospect’s world, just when they need you most.

If you want to find out how we make sure we join the conversation going on in our prospects heads, book a call.

– Aleric

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