An Advertising Legend’s Psychological Trigger

You know Joe Sugarman, right?

Well in one of his lesser-known books called “Triggers,” he gives one of my favorite definitions of integrity.

Joe likes to very simply call it “walking your talk.”

He goes on…

“Whatever you say, you’ve got to walk your talk. If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you make a promise, deliver. If you agree to provide quality service, deliver quality service. In short, walk your talk.”

Because “Walking Your Talk” is one of the reasons why I think YouTube Beats Facebook.

Everybody is so skeptical these days when they see an ad…

Their initial reaction is somewhere between “go away” and “yeah right.”

And you have to do everything in your power to remedy that.

Facebook Ads are usually just text on a page with an almost Irrelevant…”Eye-Catching” picture.

But YouTube ads are a different animal.

When you do them the right way (AKA how we show you to do in AdOutreach)…

They can not only get past your prospect’s skeptical beliefs…but they can also drive home your integrity.

They get to hear the honesty in your voice.

They get to know you a little better and trust that you can help them a little more.

And… IF… your ads deliver value (again, which we demonstrate at length in AdOutreach…) you quite literally get to show them you can walk your talk.

There’s nothing that will instantly overcome skepticism like a good YT ad.

And if you are on YT and STILL getting hit with skepticism…

Or you aren’t on YT at all…

Let’s fix that.

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