Before you fund Zuck’s next Vacation…

Aleric Heck
2 min readMar 12, 2021


Before you pay for Zuck’s next vacation with Facebook ads, there’s something you should know:

Legend has it that every time a new Facebook ad is created, Zuck does this weird little happy dance with his fingers because…

He just got richer, whether the ad does well or not!


Now from his perspective, it’s a win because he gets paid, whether you get results or not.

But from your perspective, chances are you’re not a billionaire like he is and can’t afford to flush cash down the toilet.

So for most of us, maximizing the results of our ad budget is pretty important.

The problem is when it comes to creating ads that move the needle for your business… Facebook isn’t exactly much help.

(If you’ve spent any time in Facebook ads manager you know what I’m talking about.)

Plus, if (heaven forbid) you actually need help… all you’re given is access to their “Blueprint” course or the occasional market rep support email (if you spend enough money that is).

Now at the expense of this sounding like an anti-facebook rally, I do want to say that you can experience incredible results with this platform…

But that doing so is getting harder by the day as more businesses scramble to get a piece of the pie.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love pie. And YouTube Ads lets me grab as much of it as I want.

In fact… It’s so easy that in high-level marketing networks I’m a part of, YouTube Ads are predicted to explode in the next 6 months because of this.

(Which means it’s time to get in while the getting is good).

So given that’s the case… I got a question for you, %FIRSTNAME%…

Why not jump in before then?

YouTube Ads are the perfect option if you value simplicity with an ad budget that produces 4x-5x returns every single month.

I’ll teach you the ins and out of this platform, and make it the best thing to happen to your biz in 2020.

All you need is a smartphone, and I’ll handle the rest.

Ready to dive in? Book a call with me here →

Can’t wait to speak with you.


P.S. The biggest misconception is that a winning YouTube Ad requires expensive equipment. All you’ll need is your smartphone, a quiet room & yourself!

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