Business & Mindset Lessons I Learned After Growing My Business 5x in 2020

2020 was a year of Incredible Growth for AdOutreach!

We quintupled (5x’d) our revenue, grew the AdOutreach Dream Team almost 5x from just 7 people to 33, and most importantly helped countless businesses from around the world hit their own Goals & Records using YouTube Ads! 🚀

And the last month was also a great capstone for the year, hitting a new Monthly Record of $921,899 in revenue in December!🥳️

As has become a tradition I want to share with you some of my biggest lessons for December, 2020 as a whole, as well as give you a glimpse into my goals for 2021!

Lesson #1: We Focused on Playing our Best Game — Not the ScoreBoard

One of the biggest lessons I took away from 2020 was learned in November, which was a big ‘learning’ month for us (if you missed my last recap email, I highly recommend giving it a read).

November taught us a lot of valuable lessons — that quite literally were worth their weight in gold — and played a big part in hitting a new all-time monthly record in December.

In November we got so consumed with the scoreboard that we forgot to focus on playing our best game…so when our numbers dipped a bit due to the Election & Thanksgiving, we became reactive instead of proactive — causing us to see further negative effects.

But because I am a big believer in the mantra “You either WIN or You Learn” and that the “Only major failure is to either give up or fail to learn” — I looked at what I could learn from my mistakes in November & apply them to not only December but also for months & years to come!

And that is exactly what I did.

At our team meetings, I stressed the importance of playing our “Best Game” and letting the scoreboard take care of itself. Focusing on the PROCESS and not the end result.

That way:

- Our Sales Team focused on showing up 100% to advise & serve on every call — helping each potential client make the best decision for their business.

- Our Marketing Team focused on being the best & constantly improving — so they can improve every day & ultimately exceed our targets when it all gets tallied.

- Our Operations Team focused on improving each individual process & SOP to be the best they can be — optimizing our overall efficiency into bite-sized tasks that can be done to perfection

- Our Client Success Team focused on serving all of our clients individually & building out new calls, trainings, systems & resources to help our clients play their own “Best Games”

By having all of our team members focus on showing up 110% and giving their all to their responsibilities, tasks & calls — it allowed AdOutreach to rise to that same level of excellence each of us individually achieve.

This is our ultimate goal — to have every team member motivated & excited to show up 110% for our clients, our team & themselves — that way as a collective, we are performing at the peak of our abilities together to help our clients & our team achieve our goals!

This is exactly what we did in December. Instead of focusing on the fact that the holidays would have an impact, and obsessing with our revenue numbers…we locked in on the fundamentals.

We focused on showing up 110% in all that we did, all of us playing the best game possible, and that translated into a new monthly revenue record ($925k) in December, despite the increase in competition from Q4!

By focusing on playing our best game — we naturally hit our targets for the month.

Lesson #2: We Saw Massive Payoff from Growing the Dream Team!

Over the course of 2020, I grew the AdOutreach Dream Team from just 7 people to now 33+ and counting!

It’s been incredible to watch how quickly we’ve grown, but I truly couldn’t have accomplished this level of growth without this incredible team working with me!

Each and every one of our Dream Team members are on the team for a special reason. They all contribute to the success of our clients, our team & they help push each other to strive for our own successes!

In fact…one big team that exploded in the past few months was the Client Success Team, where we’ve brought on over half a dozen team members in the last few months alone!

So not only do we have multiple Senior YouTube Ads Coaches, Advertising Coaches & multiple Video Script Copywriters…

We’ve also added Funnel Experts, a Business Consultant (for scaling/growth), Mindset coaching & much more!

Our bread & butter is Video Advertising & YouTube Ads — but we want to keep raising the bar on ourselves to provide even more holistic resources for our clients to succeed at the highest levels!

We’ve also added comprehensive hands-on help for our Inner Circle clients to implement our “OmniPresent Retargeting Machine” so they can retarget their ideal prospects everywhere online!

As a result of these improvements, we saw a massive pay off as our Inner Circle (backend program) upgrade rates shot higher than ever before, as more and more of our clients saw the value in working with our team beyond the initial YouTube Ads & success those bring!

Lesson #3: Provided more Value with “Intensives” (& JVs) in our Inner Circle Program

Along these lines, we’ve started to add much more value to our Inner Circle program by inviting a wide variety of different guests to come into our client group & do “Intensives” for our clients!

This has proven to be a Massive Win-Win-Win (which is my favorite!)

Our clients WIN because they get to learn about a wide variety of different high-level strategies, tactics & lessons — exposing them to new ideas that can help propel their businesses!

The guest presenters WIN by having an opportunity to provide value to our top clients and have an opportunity to expose themselves to high-caliber business owners who may be interested in working with them.

And we also win by creating a fun way to boost our content & value to clients (I love doing these guest presentations with other amazing entrepreneurs!) And these are often a back-and-forth where I get to present in their client groups too!

I’m planning on doing many more of these Guest Intensives in 2021!

Side note: If you feel you have some incredible value to offer our clients — don’t hesitate to reach out to my team & I to see if a Guest Presentation / JV is a good fit!

Lesson #4: Started Thinking BIG, BIG Picture & Long Term Vision

I started really thinking about the big picture vision for AdOutreach & the team’s future goals.

Mapping out not just what goals I want to achieve over the next few months or year, but over the next several years & even decades to come!

Now I know that these goals will change and adapt over time, but it’s still important to know what you want to achieve so that you can work on making that happen.

If all of your goals are too short-term, you risk not setting yourself up for the long-game and what you ultimately want to achieve.

Business is like a game of chess — you always need to be thinking about multiple moves ahead. Not just for the sake of winning, but also to adapt as situations change.

So I got clear on my vision for AdOutreach & the vision for my 3rd company which I’ll be paving the way for over the next couple of years. And trust me when I say — big BIG things are coming here!

Over the next 1–2 years, I’ll be taking AdOutreach to $3 Million/mo in Revenue, and I’ve got a clear plan to get there.

Once I achieve this goal and ensure AdOutreach succeeds, I’ll simultaneously reinvest some of what I’ve made & set my sights on my 3rd Venture — that will be my Billion Dollar business.

I can’t wait to reveal more to all of you! But for now, this is a taste of what I have planned! 🚀

Lesson #5: Began to share my Long-Term Vision with the team — All on the same page

As I’ve begun to plan & think more and more about the Long-Term vision for AdOutreach & my 3rd company (which plugs perfectly into what I’ve already built), I’ve begun to share that long-term vision with my AdOutreach Dream Team.

I feel it’s incredibly important to have the entire team on the same page so that we all know why we’re doing what we’re doing & what we’re working towards!

And to emphasize that everyone on the Dream Team is here for a reason, and are on the ground floor of something that is going to be bigger than many of them can envision for themselves.

This is why it is up to me as the CEO & Visionary to SHARE that vision with all of them, so they can see for themselves what we’re working towards!

Lesson #6: Showed more gratitude to my team❤️️

In addition to sharing my vision with my team, I wanted to take the holidays to express my infinite gratitude towards the incredible team that we’ve built.

I feel honored and humbled every day to have put together such an incredible team of amazing people all working together to help our clients, our team & each other succeed!

Christmas is my favorite holiday for the gratitude you can show towards others, and I wanted to make sure this Holiday season my team knew just how much I value them 😁

Lesson #7: Continued to Invest in Myself & My Team (Top Priority)

I have always been a huge believer that the best investment you can make is in yourself.

And now I’ve adapted that to be “The best investments you can make are in yourself & your team”

That’s why I constantly seek to increase my knowledgebase as well as that of my team members!

In the last few months alone I’ve invested well over $50,000+ in a variety of coaching, 1–1 mentorship, programs & investments for myself & my team.

Investments which I know will pay many, many multiples in the near & long-term future!

I also strongly believe that you should never only invest in one thing. There is no one silver bullet. You can extract so much value from everything you invest in, but you should invest in a variety of different programs, coaching & services to help you succeed!

In the same way, many of our clients are in masterminds as well as invest in our YouTube Ads Program to get leads & sales on YouTube, I too invest in what I need in every area of business.

These days I like to have at least one active investment going for each department of my business (Sales, Marketing, Client Success & Operations) as well as a Mastermind/Coaching for myself as the business owner.

I know my team & I can extract many multiples worth of value from the investments I make, so that’s why I keep investing in my business’ ongoing success!

Reflected on 2020 Lessons

Just as I am doing now, I spent a good deal of time over the last couple of weeks reflecting on all the lessons that I’ve learned from 2020.

As I’ve mentioned before I am a big believer that “You either succeed or you LEARN what you need to in order to succeed”

But in order to truly learn… you need to reflect & think.

That’s what I’ve done. I’ve reflected on 2020 and the lessons I’ve learned that will help me not only succeed in 2021 but also continue to succeed long into the future as well!

Planned Goals for 2021

Hand and hand with reflecting, is planning for the New Year!

We’ve got our annual 2021 Planning Meetings over the next few days, and I’m bringing my list of the reflections I’ve learned and the goals I have for the New Year!

Here’s just a taste of some of my 2021 Goals:

- AdOutreach — $20+ Million Revenue 2021 (Scale to 2.5M+/mo by EOY)

- AppFind — $1 Million Revenue 2021 working 8hrs/mo (my original YouTube Channel Business)

- Prepare the Launch of 3rd Business in 2022

- Rental Properties — $5k+/mo Net Profit Passive Income 2021

- Move into 4–5,000 Sq Foot AdOutreach HQ Office

- More JVs / Partnerships / Interviews & High-Level Networking


… & Many more Goals (will be revealed)

— -

AdOutreach grew a lot in 2020

We 5x’d our Revenue, 4x’d our Team size & most importantly learned a lot of lessons that will help propel us & our clients to success for years and decades to come!

I am incredibly excited about what 2021 & the years ahead have in store!

Here’s to an Incredible 2021, there’s so much more to learn & grow from here!

Let’s make it a Great Year! 💯 😁 🚀

— Aleric

P.S. If you’re ready to grow your business in 2021, YouTube Ads are the perfect way to do so! You can book a time to chat with me at

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Aleric Heck

YouTube Advertising Expert & the Founder of AdOutreach, the leading company helping businesses leverage YouTube Ads for Leads & Sales.

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