Controversial: ‘Traffic’ is Killing Your Business

Aleric Heck
3 min readFeb 16, 2021


What do you really want… Traffic or Prospects?

I hear over & over again about driving “Traffic” but what does that really mean?

If your only goal is to get clicks on a page, then sure, “traffic” will do…

BUT that’s not all we want. Traffic doesn’t pay the bills. No one cares that 8,597 people visited your website…

It’s all about Real People, Real Conversions, & Real Sales.

And that comes from genuinely interested prospects seeing your message and taking action.

The problem with advertising these days is the lines are blurred…

Everyone thinks that traffic is the secret key to unlocking new potential.

But then they’re surprised when the hundreds of people that land on their page don’t convert. But was it really a surprise?

They set their expectations at the lowest common demoninator…traffic.

And one of the biggest perpetrators of this is Facebook Ads.

Time and time again, I get on the phone & I hear the same story: “I have lots of people clicking on my ads but…”

It doesn’t matter what the latter part of that sentence is. It’s always the same. People are clicking, but they AREN’T BUYING.

Hey, maybe they’re even converting, but when it comes time for the “traffic” to put money where its mouth is…it’s more like a traffic jam.

Facebook ads are almost always designed to get people to “click” but usually not to actually INDOCTRINATE.

Most Facebook ads I’ve seen have some eye-catching image, a snappy headline, and some even have a bit of good copy. BUT it’s all designed for clicks. You’re not pre-selling anything.

The reason YouTube Ads convert so well is you’re actually selling ON THE AD ITSELF!

Instead of incentivizing traffic, you’re incentivizing REAL Brand Interaction.


And this is incredibly powerful.

When someone is treated like a prospect, actually educated on the ad & feels an inherent connection with YOU the business owner, you get a lot more than just traffic.

You get QUALIFIED PROSPECTS on the ad itself.

This is why our clients are not only getting cheaper leads than Facebook, but they’re also CLOSING SALES at a higher percentage, getting more applications, and getting higher qualified prospects.

But don’t take my word for it…

I just updated my Testimonials page and I’d love for you to take a look.

We’ve even added a new “Super-Cut” of some of the best results our clients are getting on YouTube right now.

And don’t worry…I PROMISE to treat you like PROSPECTS, not traffic. 😉

— Aleric

P.S. That SAME concept applies to building your subscriber base on your YouTube channel. Don’t treat the potential customers that follow your YouTube Channel as JUST subscribers — but relationships to build Trust & Authentic Rapport. Watch my video to learn how:

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