Emperor Zuck’s Tyrannical Algorithm — FB Bans Left & Right

Someone told me the other day that they feel like they’re on a “rollercoaster.”

And not the fun kind lol.

I know you’re familiar with the “revenue” roller coaster, which we’ll get to in a minute…

But lately, my friend felt like the “roller coaster effect” has taken over everyday life.


I’d bet the people reacting the least to all this craziness are the ones who use Facebook ads to fuel their business.

The rollercoaster effect is nothing new to them.

One day they’re saying “The Facebook gods love me!”

The next they’re saying “What the hell just happened?!”

And it’s not just the newbies who’ve repeated this cycle a thousand times.

I’ve had conversations with people who’ve made millions of dollars with Facebook ads…

And even they tell me they HATE the inconsistency.

It’s one of Facebook’s biggest problems.

And it happens because Facebook is dependent (and reliant) on Emperor Zuck’s tyrannical algorithm.

IT decides when to show your ads.

Where to show them.

Who to show them to.

And it never stops to think about what your prospects are actually doing at that moment in time.


The FB Algorithm shows your weight loss ad to someone who is looking to lose weight. (Assuming you don’t get instabanned for weight loss)…

But it shows them your ad when they’re at the drive-thru ordering a Big Mac.

The specifics vary, but the result is the same:

Boom. Your beautiful ad gets ignored.

On the other hand…

With YT, we can target your prospect’s intent to lose weight with the keywords “how to lose weight fast.”

Your prospect actively searches those keywords, finds a video and BAM… your ad shows up first, offering them the perfect solution to their problem.


We can guarantee a steady flow of traffic seeing your ads…

At a time where they actually WANT to see how you can help them.

THAT is the definition of consistency.

There’s no rollercoaster effect with YouTube…

Just consistent results.

If you want to talk about how to get off the Facebook rollercoaster…(and double, maybe even triple, your results like some of our past clients) then schedule a call with my team.

– Aleric

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Aleric Heck

Aleric Heck

YouTube Advertising Expert & the Founder of AdOutreach, the leading company helping businesses leverage YouTube Ads for Leads & Sales. AdOutreach.com/webinar

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