Every Superhero has its Origin Story

-> Batman’s parents being mugged.

-> Spidey’s Uncle Peter

-> Tony Stark in the cave with the pile of scraps

-> Aleric with his camera


I’m not saying I’m a superhero.

But I am saying that I wasn’t just born in front of the YT ads dashboard.

When I was younger, still in high school, I was the video camera guy.

Instead of playing video games (because I wasn’t allowed), I learned the ins and outs of photography and cinematography.

And I would post my videos to Youtube.

Back when YT was in its “infancy.”

Nowadays, it’s not so exclusive…

But back then, the Youtube Partner Program was a really exclusive group.

And I got accepted into it!

I was one of the first ones in the “in-crowd.”

Cool, huh?

I was one of the first Youtube “influencers” before that was even a word.

Well, pretty soon, businesses — mostly mobile apps — started contacting me to help promote them.

So that was pretty cool, especially for a kid who wasn’t even out of high school.

So eventually, this major marketing agency contacted me to promote their client’s mobile app.

(Their client is well known and worth around 1B now).

Anyway, so I did what I knew to do — I posted up another organic YT video.

It attracted some users.

But the users fell off over time.

And the agency contacted me again:

“Hey, Aleric, we’ve got a PROBLEM… We’ve got a lot of users, but they’re starting to slow down. Why is that?”

I had to explain that it’s just the nature of the platform.

Viewership on a particular video falls over time.

So after that, they wanted to know if I could figure out how to get MORE viewers to the video (more users for the app).


So I said, “Well, I don’t know much about the YT ads platform, but why don’t we give it a try?”

Fast forward $500 in ad spend and 1 week later…

And we had gotten 11,000 users into the app.

Just from a single ad.

The end client loved it because, hey, 11,000 users.

The agency loved it because they got paid $1 per user, so the ROI was obvious.

And I loved it because YT is awesome.

And after a while, they approached me with another deal…

One where I would manage thousands of dollars a day in ad spend.

Of course, I said yes…

And so my first LLC, AppOutreach, was born.

Not much has changed since the days of getting 11,000 users for $500 in ad spend.

The YT platform works for just about any business.

And my team and I are the best at onboarding new users onto the platform. If you want to start using YouTube or divert more ad spend to YouTube and manage it like a pro, we’ll show you how. Just book a call to chat with us here:


- Aleric

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