How to Achieve Celebrity Status with YouTube

Aleric Heck
2 min readMar 9, 2021


If you set up your YouTube Ads the RIGHT way, you could start being seen as a celebrity in your industry really quickly.

One of our best clients is now a celebrity.

(Sort of).

Let me explain…

He was stuck at the $75,000 per month mark for a while.

And every month that went by he struggled more and more to get any kind of positive growth.

Then BAM.

Facebook’s ban hammer came crashing down (for no reason) and his ad account was gone.

Same old story.

Anyway, he reached out to me… told me what was going on… signed up… and got started running his Youtube ads a week or so later.


He hit his first $ 100,000 month within a few weeks.

I asked him if he’d record a video testimonial for me.

And while he was getting the video…

Somebody came up behind him…

Tapped him on the shoulder…

And said: “Hey, are you that guy from the YT videos?”

Now, our client had never seen this guy before in his life: “Umm, yeah?”

Random guy: “Dude, I see you on Youtube ALL the time! You’re awesome! I’m looking forward to working with you in future!”

So our client kind of shrugged it off and laughed about it when he told me.

But there’s an incredibly powerful lesson in that story.

A random guy not only recognized him but acted as though he was genuinely meeting a celebrity for the first time.

You know who that happens to?

People who CRUSH with advertising.

And that’s just a SMALL part of the power of YouTube ads.

If you set up your YouTube Ads the RIGHT way, you can start being seen as a celebrity in your industry REALLY quickly.

And then you can easily leverage that “celebrity status” to sign more clients…

Enjoy higher pricing (without getting price objections)…

And ultimately smash through any barriers you think are holding you back right now.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

So if you want to talk about how YOU can start getting random people tapping you on the shoulder (and paying you LOTS of money to work with you) then schedule a call with my team using the link below.

– Aleric

P.S. The KEY to being everywhere & achieving celebrity status is having scalable YouTube ads…so don’t just use placements!

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