How We Keep Ads from Crashing At Scale

When I started investing a lot into coaching for myself and my team, I heard something that stayed with me.

“It’s not necessarily about the end result.

It’s about doing the right things in sequence.”

For example:

Everyone wants to run $100k per month in ads.

Because that’s cool and you can go and brag to your friends about it lol.

But the problem is… no one wants to do the things it takes to get to that point.

Because those aren’t as cool.

And I remember thinking how true that was for business in the MACRO…

But it’s also applicable in the MICRO — when it comes to running YT ads on the tactical level.

Stabilize. Optimize. Then scale.

First — Stabalize:

Second — Optimize:

Third — Scale:

And this is where it gets a little complex.

Because you cannot both scale AND optimize at the same time.

You can’t spend more… in order to spend less.

Does that make sense?

So we go back and forth, alternating optimization and scaling.

We call this technique “Ad Momentum Scaling”

It works great on YouTube.

Because it allows you to grow at low risk.

Keeping things simple + stable like this is what leads to such great client results over time.

If you’re interested in getting the same results, apply to talk with us!

— Aleric

P.S. Once you get the Stabilization & Optimization of your ads down…channel this mindset to be one of the very few who are able to scale up to $5,000/day!

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