If you feel “burned” by an Advertising agency —

Sadly, we’ve had prospects reach out to us about YT ads.

(That’s not the sad part).

The sad part was that this person was a perfect fit.


It became clear his trust was shot worse than anything we’ve seen in a while.

He was qualifying us RELENTLESSLY lol.

And once we got to the bottom of it, we realized he had been badly burned by an agency in the past.

So his defenses were up.

THAT is the sad part.

And honestly?

That’s something we encounter a lot from applicants.

The tone is always skeptical.

Like, “Yeah Aleric, I get that you’re good at YT ads… but aren’t you JUST another agency?”

The subtext is:

“Are you going to take my money… hitch me to a brand new ‘account manager’… run my ads into the ground… and then become unresponsive when I try to contact you?”

First of all, no.

A lot of these people had that SAME OBJECTION before coming to us. And look at them now.

Second, there are some 100% amazing agencies out there — I know a few of them — but the amount of people who have “bad agency” stories is frankly, shocking.

We hear the “Are you an agency?” a LOT.

And of course we’re not one…

We don’t run your ads for you.

We coach members how to run their OWN ads — forever — in a personalized, results-oriented environment.

If you want to work with us:

  1. First, our coaches will walk you through everything from setup, to optimization, to scaling (we even write your ad for you).
  2. Second, you can just take what you learn from us and go on to apply it to the rest of your business as long as you want.

But you know what they say: The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago. The second best time is today.

- Aleric

P.S. On that same note of building Trust, watch my podcast appearance on the Heart-Centered Hustlers Podcast where I dive into building authentic relationships with your potential customers using YouTube Ads.

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