My Confession about Entrepreneurship

I’ve got something to confess.

I got lucky when I started my business 10 years ago.

I found something I was good at (videos and YouTube) and adapted it to the demands of the market.

I’m 99% sure that’s the reason I have multiple successful businesses right now. If I would have taken a slightly different turn, who knows where I’d be now.

The key?


Turns out it’s very easy to create impact using YouTube.

(As I explained earlier, it’s very easy to position yourself as an authority & actually give real value with YT ads).

Furthermore… almost ALL of the great entrepreneurs I know are driven by impact.

- They want to impact their client’s lives…

- They want to impact their family’s lives…

- They want to impact the world in some way…

And they’re wildly successful because they make decisions based on how much impact they’ll have at the end of the day.

There’s only one problem.

And rather than explain it myself, I’ll paraphrase Rosser Reeves (the famous advertising guy):

“If a man can build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to his door…but in reality, if the world does not KNOW it’s a better mousetrap, nobody is beating a path anywhere.”

The problem with impact is…

If you can’t get attention to your offer and show people how much you can help them…


It’s as simple as that.

It doesn’t matter how good you are or the results you can potentially get.

If you aren’t getting in front of anyone, you lose.

You have to get in front of enough people to make it all worthwhile.

That’s why YouTube ads are working so well right now. It offers a repeatable, scalable way to get as much attention as you could want. If you already have a great offer, it’s like strapping a rocket to your business.

In other words, it allows you to create a REAL impact.

If that’s what you want, book a call with my team!

– Aleric

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