One of my Guiding Philosophies (High-Performance Entrepreneurial Mindset)

One of my mentors is a guy who has built several 1m+ / year businesses and has accumulated enough wealth to retire 25 times over.

Something he told me one time:

“Don’t just talk. Practice”

And it’s a philosophy I try to live by too…

It’s helped me grow faster (and easier) than I ever thought possible.


This month, I shifted focus away from growing my sales team and onto helping them to practice and improve their skills.


- I asked my top advisor to do live call reviews & breakdowns

- I made call reviews & role-plays a minimum weekly occurrence

- I leaned on sales training resources & coaching to keep my team dialed in

The result?

Sales went up (by A LOT, if you caught my other email).

Not only did my Top Advisor do a great job in helping to train my team…

He PERSONALLY brought in a record of $255,000 USD that month at the same time!

The point is, even though growing every corner of your business is incredibly fun and exciting because it’s a sure sign you’re winning…

Sometimes, it pays a lot more to put practicing first.

The question is:

Can you take your hands off the steering wheel long enough to do all this “practice”?

Truth is, most business owners can’t.

They don’t have enough breathing room to think about all of this, let alone to organize training sessions and reviews.


Because nothing’s consistent.

Everything is demanding their attention all the time.

You too, probably.

The only reason I was able to “step back” and have breathing room…

Is because I’m not worried about unpredictability.

Things are great for us. We use YouTube ads and our pipeline/revenue is predictable and consistent every month.

The advertising and lead generation side of my business is completely automated.

I don’t even have to look at it and I know that each and every month we’ll have calls booked and sales coming in…

So I have the freedom to focus my attention where it needs to be.

And here’s the thing —

You can have the same.

If you want easy, predictable growth, schedule a call with our advisors using the link below.

– Aleric

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