Scaling YouTube Ads — The Secret

There’s one big misconception that entrepreneurs have about optimizing & scaling YouTube Ads that completely DESTROYS their ad campaigns….

Treating optimizing & scaling ads as the same thing…

When that is simply not true.

In reality, optimizing & scaling are very different because they have different goals in mind.

Goals that actually *compete* with each other!

Optimizing: You’re looking to decrease your cost per result. (to spend less for each conversion)

Scaling: Your goal is to increase your overall results. (increasing the budget on winning campaigns)

Now, here’s the most important part…

You cannot optimize and scale YouTube Ads at the same time!

It’s like trying to lose weight and build muscle at the same time… It’s impossible.

However BOTH results are still ACHIEVABLE.

You need to alternate optimizing & scaling your campaigns in order to succeed.

I call my method for this: “Ad Momentum Scaling

And it is the biggest determining factor in whether your YouTube Ads will SCALE or FAIL.

So when you’re looking to optimize and scale your YouTube campaigns, remember to follow the “Ad Momentum Scaling” method so you can hit those goals you’ve been craving.

Now there’s one more thing

If you don’t have any YouTube Ads in the first place… then there is nothing *to* scale.

Let’s hop on a call & fix that:

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How to Scale YouTube Ads Efficiently

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