The 1 Million Dollar iPhone Video Made For YouTube Ads

One of the BIGGEST misconceptions about filming YouTube video ads is that you need a fancy camera and a big production budget.

The truth is… you can film a winning YouTube ad using just your iPhone.

… & a secret $129 tool I’ll reveal a bit later in this email.

In fact, one of our clients used their iPhone to produce an ad that generated over $1 MILLION in sales.

That’s a $1 Million iPhone Video!

With YouTube ads, the tools you use don’t matter as much as the process does. You could spend thousands of dollars on a DSLR camera, and get zero conversions because you aren’t following the right process in your video.

Viewers want to connect with you. Shooting with an iPhone is not only cost-effective but also provides that authenticity that your YouTube audience craves.

Now I’m not saying you have to use an iPhone Video as your ad. We have many clients who film with fancy cameras or even hire professional videographers…

What I am saying is There’s No Excuse.

An iPhone Video Ad in many cases works just as well, if not better than its high falutin counterparts.

To give a little insight into our own business… We’ve filmed both high-value production ads as well as iPhone ads.

And guess what? The iPhone ads beat the high-value production ads EVERY SINGLE TIME.

In previous emails, we’ve talked about our proven strategy for YouTube ads that provides genuine value, educates the viewer and incites action.

Notice that the means of production are not included in that strategy.

This is because every business is different. Some clients do need the high-value production (paid actors, green screen etc.). Others only need an iPhone and that secret tool I mentioned earlier…

A $129 iPhone Gimbal

Seriously, this tool works like magic, it lets you stabilize your iPhone footage making it look professional while keeping its personable feel. This one tool has made myself and my clients combined millions and millions of dollars.

But as I said before, the tool alone will not dictate your success…

It’s following the process & making an ad that actually converts. Let’s make it happen!

Talk soon.

— Aleric

P.S. Once you’ve created your WINNING YouTube Ad ready to be shown to your potential customers, watch my video where I reveal Beginner Tips on how to set up your YouTube Ads!

Aleric Heck helps Entrepreneurs & Business Owners use YouTube Ads to generate Leads & Sales through his Company AdOutreach. Read More Medium posts to learn how you can use YouTube Video Ads to scale your business!

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YouTube Advertising Expert & the Founder of AdOutreach, the leading company helping businesses leverage YouTube Ads for Leads & Sales.

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Aleric Heck

Aleric Heck

YouTube Advertising Expert & the Founder of AdOutreach, the leading company helping businesses leverage YouTube Ads for Leads & Sales.

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