The Not-So-Vicious Testing Cycle for Video Advertising

What’s your approach to testing?

Do you have a scientific “method” nailed down or are you more of a “throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks” type?

If you’re a high ticket expert or you sell a product or course, chances are you’ve been beaten over the head with the idea that we need to be testing more, more, more.

Which is true…

But on Facebook, which is where most businesses/entrepreneurs start off advertising, it’s tough enough to get even ONE set of ads working at any scale.

And that’s before people like me come along, banging our digital gavels and declaring that you need to test more.

Yes, I’m a big proponent of test → optimize → scale → test again, etc.

What can I say? Youtube makes it easy.

Because we aren’t getting shut down every 5 seconds from the powers that be on Facebook.

And don’t get me wrong, the optimization → scaling → optimization journey is cyclical.

It’s a cycle.

We have a name for it:

“Ad Momentum Scaling”

The good news is, once you get the hang of Ad Momentum Scaling, it’s very easy and repeatable.

Plus, it works to almost always achieve a really high ROAS — over 10x in some cases.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s really nice to have found an ad platform that just works without having to tear your hair out over it.

Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into it as well… putting together a script that actually converts, targeting the right people, and the legwork you have to do before you scale.

But we simplify the whole process so our clients can start seeing results ASAP with the YouTube Advertising platform.

Even before their ads are perfectly optimized.

If you want to know if this will work for you, grab some time to talk with my team and me here:

We’ll talk about how to put Youtube to work for you without the hassle, headaches, or low return of other ad platforms.

— Aleric Heck

P.S. While you’re busy testing & scaling your winning YouTube ads, save some time by not falling into the trap of common mistakes that most advertisers make. Watch my YouTube Video, learn how to run past these pitfalls & take your ad momentum to the next level!

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