Using “Sutton’s Law” to Grow Your Business

Aleric Heck
2 min readJan 19, 2021


Back in the 1920s, there was a guy called Willie Sutton.

He was an infamous bank robber in America. Over his 40 year crime-spree, he stole around $2 million and spent more than half his adult life in prison. (And escaped three times.)

Safe to say — he left a lot of stories behind.

Most of which are fit for a movie screen.

But there’s one story that has evolved into something called “Sutton’s Law”.

After he put his criminal days behind him, a reporter approached him and asked, “Why do you choose to rob banks and nothing else?”

Sutton’s reply:

“Because that’s where the money is.”

You might not be a bank robber — and I hope you aren’t — but if you’re interested in ads then I recommend listening to Sutton.

Because, when you’re investing in ads, you want to go where the money is… where the qualified leads are… where you can get the best ROAS possible.

And right now…

That’s YouTube.

YouTube is where the money is.

Not just because the leads are more qualified than Facebook…

But also because YouTube is a Blue Ocean.

If you retarget your potential customers on YouTube the way we teach our members, you’re probably going to be one of the ONLY people in your market speaking directly to your audience in a way that makes them interested.

Which makes it a LOT easier to stand out as an authority/leader.

And THAT makes closing sales a walk in the park.

All you need to do is decide to go where the money is.

If you’re ready to think about doing that, schedule a call with my team below and we’ll tell you if we can help you get money like Sutton.

– Aleric

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