What Tarantino can teach you about marketing

If you’re a film buff, an R-rated Star Trek would be…. as Spock would say….


Even if you’re just a casual observer, the idea of Quentin Tarantino directing an R-rated Star Trek is at least intriguing.

But with the recent release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…the stakes were raised.

Tarantino himself has said that it’s his penultimate movie. That his 10th will be his last.

That’s a big deal.

For fans of the guy, 10 movies are just not enough. (And no, I’m not counting True Romance, Natural Born Killers, or From Dusk till Dawn)

QT has attained mythical status as a prolific director. He’s made some of the most influential, widely quoted movies of the past 30 years.

Even the people who haven’t seen his movies have probably heard some of his dialogue quoted. And that’s great positioning.

You don’t even have to see/experience/buy his product to be aware of it.

Announcing that your next product will be your last ever…?

INCREDIBLE positioning.

Something most marketers get wrong all the time.

He’s creating real scarcity.

He’s increasing the value of the existing 9 products.

He’s creating an intense desire for the next product, way ahead of time.

Powerful lessons that most marketers continually fail to learn. But there’s more…

See QT knows what he’s good at. He knows what his product delivers. And he knows his audience. More than that, he goes over and above to give his customers a great experience.

When most marketers create ads, it’s all about the metrics.

And yeah, they’re important. But here’s a little secret for you….

If you GENUINELY care about your customer…. and you want to help them achieve a specific outcome… or overcome a problem… you’ll get those metrics as a byproduct. Without even thinking.

See when it comes to customers online, they think a lot like Mr. Pink in the Tarantino classic, Reservoir Dogs…

“…but I mean this tipping automatically… it’s for the birds.” — Mr. Pink

The scene is widely regarded as a classic. But the important lesson for anybody selling things online is in Mr. Pink’s stance on tipping.

He won’t tip unless the service is outstanding. Unless he’s “wowed”.

And that’s just how it is these days online. If you’re not wowing people, they’re not gonna reach into their wallets and pull out their credit cards.

So how do you wow them?

Well… turns out it’s a lot easier than people think.

All you have to do is:
1. Actually care about your customers

2. SHOW THEM what you can do for them and demonstrate that you care

And whilst the vast majority of bro-marketers and funnel hackers are still relying on Facebook ads to get people into their pipeline… you can completely eliminate them as competition.

Head onto YouTube, set up an ad campaign that SHOWS what you can do for them.


The best bit?

You don’t have to have Tarantino’s skills behind the camera. A simple phone-shot video will blow away a Facebook ad with the right help.

Wanna hear more?

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— Aleric

P.S. On that same note, I also have a whole hour-long podcast interview about Caring about Clients’ Successes & having that drive my work as an entrepreneur. Watch it here:

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