Why YouTube Ads are the Largest Blue Ocean Right Now

I was talking with some business friends, reminiscing on the rock-bottom prices of Google Ads 10+ years ago and Facebook 5+ years ago. I remember they said something that struck me…

“Too bad that will never happen again.”

What they didn’t know was that this exact situation is happening again right now.

YouTube ran a study and found that 68% of people between the age of 18–48 use YouTube to help make purchase decisions.

But how many businesses actually take advantage of this and advertise on YouTube?

Just 9%

yes, just 9%

Although YouTube has been around for a few years, its advertising is only now starting to hit its stride.

With the same rock-bottom conversions & prices my friends can only reminisce about from the golden days of Google & Facebook…

So what’s the problem?

Targeted YouTube advertising is essentially uncharted territory, waiting for pioneers, business owners, like yourself to claim and capitalize on it.

People are instinctively wary of diverging from their comfort zone. They fear the unfamiliar because the outcome appears uncertain….

But is it really uncertain?

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68% Use YouTube to Make Purchase Decisions


Only 9% of Businesses Advertise on YouTube

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Is this an advantage? That’s up for you to decide.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” — Plato

As I finish typing this email, I’m reminded of my business friends who can only look back on the ‘golden era’ of Google & Facebook ads before they became crowded…

And think… “What If?”

Luckily enough for them, the world is cyclical. And YouTube has stepped up to the plate.

The question is… Will you watch on the sidelines or take action?


This is what you can achieve with YouTube Ads:


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